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Pandemic Spurs Demand for E-Bike Kits

Posted by Jim Dewan on


KYW Newsradio 1060 interview, CEO Jason Kraft of Electric Bike Technologies, Inc. in regards how COVID-19 has pushed more people towards other modes of transportation, like bicycles and e-bikes.
Bicycle manufactures and stores have been trying to keep up with the demand of customers looking for a safer mode of transportation and another form of exercise, that the whole family can enjoy. The demand has been so high, that people are looking towards used bicycles to convert into an e-bike.
Electric Bike Technologies, has been inundated with special orders and sales have been through the roof during the coronavirus pandemic, the big seller is DIY e-bike kits.
"At this point, because people can't find new bikes and trikes, they're going to flea markets, or to grandma's garage. They are looking for anything and they are fixing them up and making them electric," Jason Kraft said. "With the e-bike conversion system, you can"... to read the rest of this article, click here.

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