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Electric Fat Trike

  • $1,932.00

The Electric Fat Trike is the perfect companion for your next off-road adventure. The 24 x 4 inch front wheel rolls over anything in your way, and the rear 20 x 4 inch wheels lower your center of gravity for stability. The front suspension and suspension seatpost keep you comfortable on rough terrain.

The Electric Fat Trike sports versatile wide 4 inch tires with a low-profile tread for both on road and off-road use. These tough tires will tolerate inflation pressures from 5-30 psi, so you can let the air out for serious traction on loose surfaces or pump them up hard for great on-road performance.

Electric Fat Trike Owner's Manual – For Fat Trikes with the Color LCD Screen
Electric Fat Trike Manual – For Fat Trikes with the 2017 LCD Screen

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