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Meet Lynn C. and Gypsey Rose!

Posted by Jim Dewan on

Meet Lynn C. 

She's one AWESOME e-triker. We recently reached out to get to know her, hoping we can learn more about her story and why she decided to go with an EBT Electric Fat Trike. She was so amazing letting us in and allowing us to share this aspect of her life. It filled our EBT hearts with joy.

Electric fat trike

Here's what she had to say:

"I just turned 66, so I am of the age before Mom's had cars to drive us places. From the time I could ride a bike, that was my mode of transportation. Even through college and my first real job! But once I could afford a car, my biking days were pretty much through.

I live in Minnesota and for six months of the year, getting around on two wheels can be dicey at best. About fifteen years ago, I began having seizures out of the clear blue. The docs never pinpointed a cause, but it meant I could no longer drive for a long period of time. And out came the trusty bike! We were finally able to get the seizures under control with medication, but my balance was affected. The last time I was on a two-wheel bike, I ran into a curb and broke three ribs. My husband, who has never given me an order before, gave me an order then that I was never to even attempt to ride again.

We are now living in a senior apartment complex in a smallish town right outside Minneapolis (we live right down the street from Paisley Park, if you happen to be a fan of Prince).

I am retired, and my husband still works, so he drives our one car to work every day. And I am stuck at home. I do walk, but have never particularly enjoyed it, the way I enjoyed biking. So, I began thinking about an adult trike to get around on, because I wouldn't need to be so particular about balancing it. I did a LOT of research, and realized that this is something I wouldn't want to cut corners on, cost-wise. My original intention was to ride during the winter, also, so I needed a sturdy trike that could handle our winters. I had made myself a list of things I wanted in a trike, and the Fat Trike was the one that came the closest. I was really nervous about just ordering something this expensive without a test drive, but the reviews all seemed really good, and I liked the fact that it was made here in the USA unlike many other trikes.

Every time I step onto Gypsy Rose (she has her own license plate), I am so glad I spent the money!

Electric Fat Trike

I was astounded when she was delivered and was packed so well! All I had to do was cut open the carton, and she was literally ready to ride! All I had to do was attach the signal flag I had ordered separately! I was amazed! It took some time to figure out how to ride a trike, how to balance your weight going around turns, but I don't have to worry at all about any more broken ribs! We have an exceptional series of biking/hiking trails in my town, and I spend my time exploring those. We also have a new trail that connects to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. This one is my favorite! It winds through a three mile stretch of different gardens and tree groupings and incredible landscapes! It's about a ten mile stretch, round trip from my house, which is about right for me.

I rarely use the pedal assist now, only going up hills, and only use the throttle when I'm crossing a road and want to get across quickly. So, ten miles, three or four times a week is what me and my metal knees are good with!

I'm so crazy about my trike, how well she is made, and what she has brought back into my life, that I tend to go on and on when asked about her." 

Lynn, may Gypsy Rose continue rolling you into so many wonderful and new adventures. We appreciate you!!!

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